Betting Rules: Athletics

1. Diamond League/Grand Prix/Indoor Meetings
Prices will be offered on selected events. Where prices are offered for a given event then selected athletes will be quoted. Only the quoted athletes count for settlement purposes. In the event of one or more of the quoted athletes being declared a non-runner then the entire market will be void. All quoted athletes must start for bets to have action. I.A.A.F official results are used for settlement purposes - the winner being deemed as the highest placed of the four athletes quoted upon completion of an event.

2. Olympics/European and World Championships - Outright/Group/Heat/Round/Tournament Betting
All bets stand except for those placed on participants not competing in first round heats/qualification. Participants awarded gold, silver and bronze medals at the medal ceremony will be deemed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively for betting purposes. We reserve the right to apply a Rule 4 (Deductions) in the event of a withdrawn participant prior to the start of an event.