How to Enter a Promo Code

Make the most of Titan Bet Promos and learn how to enter a promo code

Entering a promo code is quick and simple. Watch the video below and follow the steps to enter a promo and enjoy a more rewarding betting experience.





1. Enter the ‘My Account’ section, and click on the ‘Bonus’ tab.






2. Type the Promo Code in the “Promotion Code” box, and click go. When the promotion code is successfully accepted, a green confirmation box will appear.




3. Close the 'My Account' window and then check your balance to see that your Bonus Token was awarded; if, however, you need to place a bet to take part in the promotion - place your bets and enjoy! 






4. For more information on how to use free tokens, visit our “How To Use Your Free Bets” page.


You should be a Free Bet Token expert by now, so enjoy fantastic promotions and more from your favourite sportsbook!


At Titanbet, we offer you endless possbility to win free bet tokens. For all our current offers, check the Promotions page, be sure to visit often as we also have promotions on specific events - don't miss out!


Best of luck,

Titan Bet